how we work

Transformation cannot be passed top-down or grown from grass roots without support from above. Rather, deep change takes place “at will” as individuals balance aspirations that converge and diverge with the direction of our organizations, and collectively hold one another accountable to commitments we make. 

Distinguished by advanced training and diverse experience, self-aware and attuned, our practitioners are uniquely positioned to facilitate organizational change. Our work embodies the following principles:

  • We achieve maximum health by integrating body, heart, mind, and soul

  • Innate wisdom is always available given sufficient safety and support

  • We can look to our bodies and to nature for wisdom and intelligence

  • We are whole and intact despite areas of limitation or “growing edges”

  • We can locate and activate long-lost or dormant parts of ourselves

  • Individual and collective "symptoms" represent opportunities for healing

  • Healing takes place over time through relationship and community

  • Silence, reflection, and slowing down are essential in a fast-paced world

  • Art, movement, play, and storytelling are central to our well-being