Dana Bilsky Asher, PhD



Dana Asher is a certified executive coach, organizational consultant, group facilitator, and keynote speaker with expertise and experience in transformational learning and culture shift at work. 

Trained as an executive coach and organizational consultant at The Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research, Dana also completed two years of Tavistock-method participant observation with infants and their families. Prior to fifteen years in leadership development and organizational learning, she was awarded a PhD with distinction from Northwestern University, where she was trained in the humanities — the study of the human condition.

As Managing Director at Mobius Executive Leadership, and at The Energy Project, where she built and led the Organizational Transformation practice, she has helped top business leaders and teams to perform sustainably and lead transformationally. At McKinsey & Company, as Practice Manager of Capability for Performance, she delivered measurable impact at scale.

She serves leaders and teams at organizations including AmfAR (the foundation for AIDS Research), Bookings Holdings (formerly The Priceline Group), Flex, The Ford Foundation, Finalta (McKinsey & Company), HavenLife (MassMutual), Legrand, Microsoft, The New School, Oxeon Partners, and Storyful. Past clients include Accenture, Alcoa, Citibank, Google, KPMG, Nestlé, ScotiaBank, and Stop and Shop, among others.


Andreas Andreou, MBA, DSc



Andreas Andreou has over twenty five years of experience and expertise helping people and organizations unlock insights and breakthroughs when conventional approaches fail and stakes are high. A disruptor, Andreas was awarded the Pioneer Prize as a lead research designer for Gensler, a workplace design and consulting firm.

Andreas brings a unique combination of left and right brain training. He holds an MBA and a Doctor of Science degree in organizational learning, systems thinking, decision sciences, and knowledge management. He is also a certified coach with the International Coaching Federation with special training in insight generation using story telling, play, contemplation, and nature integration practices.

Andreas’s work is based on three core principles:

•    Transformational development

•    Systems thinking

•    Creative disruption

Key applications of Andreas’s work include:

•    Developing and facilitating design and creative thinking workshops for brand design strategists using the Lego Serious Play methodology

•    Designing and leading a mindfulness-training program for design/creative professionals focusing on stress reduction, clarity development, and innovative thinking under pressure and tight deadlines

•    Serving as a sounding board for high-level strategic executives helping them examine strategic alternatives and develop foresight using question and analytical thinking plus associative inquiry

Andreas is Founder at Portrait of a Human Being.


Annie Perrin, MA



Annie Perrin is a psychotherapist trained in the psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote intellectual and emotional health and integration. She completed additional post-graduate training at the Sanctuary Institute, a theory-based, trauma-informed, whole-culture approach with a structured methodology for creating and changing organizational culture. Annie recently embarked on a two-year certification program at One Spirit Alliance focused on non-religious spiritual counseling. 

For ten years, Annie worked alongside the Founder and CEO of The Energy Project to create and teach a curriculum on managing the four dimensions of human energy in order to drive sustainable high performance. She worked with individuals, teams, and organizations to promote happier, healthier, more focused, and purposeful engagement. She designed The Energy Project’s coaching model and led the team that continued to evolve it. 

Annie has coached and consulted to C-suite executives from diverse sectors including Finance, Manufacturing, Not-for-Profit, Pharma, and Technology, at companies including Apple, Google, and Sony Pictures.

Annie is a Partner at Leaders’ Quest, where she works globally to connect leaders from diverse regions and sectors, who learn from one another to address the world’s most complex challenges.

Annie’s work is committed to the following principles, which she drafted.


Elyce Cole, MA Candidate (2019)


Elyce Cole is an MA candidate in Social-Organizational Psychology at Columbia University and holds a BBA, cum laude, from George Washington University in International Business and Marketing.


Prior to graduate studies, Elyce worked as a sales and marketing strategist for The Energy Project, a leadership training and organizational development (OD) consulting firm specializing in optimizing leaders, teams, and organizations for sustainable high performance. In her role, she partnered internallywith business development and client engagement teams to develop organizational transformation solutions for Fortune 500 clients operating in healthcare, biopharmaceuticals, IT, and banking/finance industries. 

Elyce has a passion for group dynamics, specifically for maximizing team performance from a systems perspective aimed at addressing covert group processes. Her graduate studies include coursework in group dynamics and improving team performance, organizational change management, conflict resolution, and data-based interventions. 

As an extension to her academic and professional OD endeavors, she is also a community mediator in training at the New York Peace Institute and a member of the New York Center for the Study of Groups, Organizations, and Social Systems, an A.K. Rice Institute (AKRI) affiliate. 

To further hone her skills as an OD scientist-practitioner, Elyce regularly attends experiential group relations conferences (based on the Tavistock model of human relations training) to learn in real time about covert processes affecting leadership and power in groups and organizations. Upon completing the MA, she plans to pursue a postgraduate degree in psychoanalytic studies and a PhD in Organizational Psychology. 


Ethan McCarty, MA



Ethan McCarty is a human technologist, former IBM executive, and former journalist who is fascinated by the implications of audience-generated content, social computing and new methods of information-discovery and decision-making for large organizations, and the role of the individual in a networked society

Ethan has a Master’s degree from the New School for Social Research in New York City and a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing from Ohio University.  Ethan is a member of Page Up‘s Operating Committee and an alumnus of the Arthur W. Page Society’s Future Leaders Experience.

Previously, Ethan was Global Head of Employee and Innovation Communications for Bloomberg LP, where he led a team of internal multimedia and external communications professionals who activated, informed, and enabled Bloomberg’s 18,000+ employees worldwide. Externally, the team told Bloomberg’s innovation story through its people, workplaces, and technologies. Before joining Bloomberg, Ethan was Director of Strategic Consulting and Integration for IBM’s Worldwide Marketing and Communications Labs, where he integrated creative, data, and business disciplines and ensured Marketing and Communications teams around the world used best practices in design, digital communications and modern marketing.

Ethan is a Lecturer on Digital Media and Analytics at Columbia’s Strategic Communications Masters program in their School for Professional Studies. He is also on the Board of the Graphic Communications Scholarship Fund, the Dean’s Advisory Council for Ohio University’s School of Communications, and the Advisory Commission of New York City College of Technology’s Department of Communications Design.

Ethan is Founder at Integral Communications Group


John P. Sanchez, BA



As an executive coach and organizational effectiveness professional, John helps senior and emerging leaders maximize professional effectiveness. He delivers value by helping to identify measurable goals and outcomes within the contexts of the organizations in which clients work, and then targeting the behavior characteristics keeping them from achieving those endpoints. He provides executive presence and executive onboarding coaching for leaders who have been either newly hired or promoted into highly responsible and visible positions, and are expected to produce results within a short timeframe. He also consults with and coaches leadership teams to increase collaboration for business results.

John earned a BA from the University of Massachusetts and teaches at the Columbia Business School MBA Recruitment Prep program. He has over 20 years of experience in Human Capital and Organizational Effectiveness, working within financial services, biopharma, management consulting, luxury retail, start-up tech, and PR/Communications, among other arenas.

Prior to work as a leadership practitioner, John was a consultant and human resources professional in various capacities at Monitor Group (now part of Deloitte Consulting LLP), Millennium Pharmaceuticals (now Takeda Oncology), and State Street Bank, among others. He brings deep experience in core HR competencies such as Performance & Talent Management, and Learning & Development. In these roles, he provides guidance and strategic business support in the form of concrete and measurable actions needed to make business decisions. 

Fluent in Spanish, John is an experienced facilitator certified to administer the MBTI for individuals and teams, the Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument, the Hogan HPI, HDS, and MVPI Assessments, and he is a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner. In addition to working with clients, John serves the community in a number of pro bono capacities.


Kelly Ceynowa, MA


Kelly Ceynowa creates opportunities where people can learn and change. Her coaching and consulting practice is fueled by eighteen years of working across the non-profit, public, and private sectors. She builds relationships with clients that facilitate change through self-awareness, feedback, reflection, and movement toward action. 

Compelled to better understand how change affects the way people behave and perform at work, Kelly earned an MA in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. Her graduate studies included course and field work in executive coaching, change management, leadership development, decision-making, and adult learning.

Kelly’s philosophy is informed by the organizational development work she has done throughout her career, including designing curriculum for leadership development programs at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, facilitating workshops for leaders from across industry including Deloitte, Delta, Coach Inc., New York Life, Conde’ Nast, Novo Nordisk, American Documentary, Etsy, Creative Artists Agency, Visiting Nurse Service of New York, and more, selecting top talent for CNN, and managing through executive transition at the Loft Literary Center. 

As a perpetual consultant, Kelly is often asked to coach people through career transitions at the conference and dinner table. She is endlessly interested in how people interact with and react to organizational change. She gets fired up when facilitating workshops where leaders realize a strategy’s success is correlated to the way people are recruited, brought into the culture, managed, and developed. She is motivated to go beyond the data to reveal what groups and individuals are doing to get the job done.


Melanie Hoopes, MA


Melanie Hoopes is a group facilitator, presentation, and presence coach who has supported teams and individual leaders, clergy members, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and celebrities from all over the world. 


Melanie holds a BS in Performance Studies from Northwestern and a Masters degree from New York University in Education and Performance. Prior to her facilitation and coaching career, Melanie was an actress and toured solo shows across the country.

With a background in speechwriting, storytelling, and improvisation, Melanie’s toolkit is extensive. She works with those looking to gain control over fears and anxieties around speaking in public or with seasoned speakers eager to hone their message or break bad habits. A particular passion of Melanie’s is helping her clients to distill complicated ideas to present to a general audience.

Melanie has run presence and storytelling workshops for Johnson & Johnson, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Verizon, Genentech, UPenn, Rutgers University, and Towers Watson. She has helped individuals devise and present their ideas at The Ford Foundation, The Energy Project, Goldman Sachs, New York Cares, and many more. She has coached executives and legal teams with presentations and keynotes at The New York TimesThe Daily News, Girl Scouts of America, Google, and PepsiCo. As a speechwriter, Melanie has worked with executives from New York Public Radio, and The Partnership for Drug Free Kids.

Melanie is also writer for film, TV, and radio. She was a staff writer for Bloodline on Netflix and has written and performed for podcasts and programs on Public Radio such as KCRW’s UnFictional, This American Life, Studio 360, and Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin.


Rachel Casanova, LEED AP ID+C



Rachel Casanova works with progressive companies that are motivated to use the workplace — our built environment and also, increasingly, digital connected spaces —to support and lead culture, innovation, and growth in their businesses. Rachel believes that disruption to the status quo is surely upon us and we need to use all levers to own the change, not be swept up by changing expectations.

Rachel entered the field of Workplace Strategy over twenty three years ago, after earning a Bachelor of Science in Design and Environmental Analysis from Cornell University. During the course of her career, she has had an opportunity to address workplace-related advances from multiple vantage points—working within an end user environment, commercial furniture manufacturer, multiple architectural firms and, most recently, leading the Connected Spaces global practice at a digital marketing and communications company.

Rachel has deep experience in transition management for today’s evolving workplaces. Her clients span legal firms, professional services, technology, non-profits, and architectural firms. She is frequently called upon as a subject matter expert and has contributed regularly to CoreNet audiences in conferences and education seminars. She has spoken at Worktech, RealComm, CRE Tech, Cornell University, NYU, IIDA Facility Forum, and Neocon, among other events. She is the Co-President of the Human Ecology Alumni Association Board. 

Rachel is Founder at Balansett.